Bulk Sms Services

Benefit to website owner

Over the last 15 years the mobile phone has become a standard device carried by almost everyone – whether that’s commercially or privately. The difference when it comes to mobile marketing is that almost every other form used relies on the recipient of your message being in a particular place e.g. a computer & a internet connection. SMS Marketing and mobile marketing carries your message directly to your recipient wherever they are and at whatever time you wish them to receive it.


Advantages & Possibilities

Using SMS to support current and existing forms of marketing i.e. pre-empt a direct mail campaign with an SMS and significantly raise the response rates.

  • Set up short dial SMS codes that enable customers to text you their interest in your products and services.
  • Hold SMS competitions, auctions or quizzes.
  • Set up SMS based loyalty card schemes or promotions and offers.
  • Invite loyalty card holders to special discount days using SMS invites.